Ticket System App ?


It is a basic system in which an employee logs in, can create, update and delete tickets, can create an employee, and then can generate a report to obtain the hours worked.


  • Login:

    Screenshot from 2022-01-23 01-02-38.png

  • Create a ticket:

    Screenshot from 2022-01-23 01-04-40.png

  • Create employees:

  • Screenshot from 2022-01-2 _01-08-22.png

  • Create Time entries:

    Screenshot from 2022-01-23 01-04-56.png

  • Reports(Worked):

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  • Technology I use:

The ticket system uses Vue Framework, Vue JS is a progressive Javascript framework for developing user interfaces. This framework bases its main core on the view layer with the model-view-controller pattern, allowing to relate the presentation layer with the logical layer of the project in an easy and efficient way.


  1. Clone the repository:

    bash $ https://github.com/Darknet17/ticket-system-app

  2. Execute:

$ npm install
$ npm run serve
# or run the next command for production
$ npm run build
  1. Add your file .env :

bash $ cp env.example .env

  1. API entry point:

add your entry point to connect to the api



Now let’s build the Docker image of our application:

bash $ docker build -t ticket-system-app/dockerize-ticket-system-app .

Now let’s build the Docker image of our application:

bash $ docker run -it -p 80:80/tcp --rm ticket-system-app/dockerize-ticket-system-app:latest


After you have done the backend and frontend configuration, the user and password is :
email:[email protected] and password: admin1234
then if you want to change it, you log in and go to the employee part and change it to the one you like.


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