select admin

Easy build for admin/backoffice on YAML based declarative way.


  • mysql backend support.
  • RESTful HTTP API backend support.
  • pgsql backend support. (partially suported not tested yet)
  • mssql backend support. (partially suported not tested yet)
  • redis backend support.
  • Google Spreadsheet backend support.
  • User management.
  • Permission and access control with roles.
  • Customizable menus, groups and tabs.
  • Mulitple pages with URL to share.
  • Table UI
  • Local sort, pagination
  • Server-side pagination
  • Query block type
  • Modal(popup) block type
  • Markdown block type
  • Block-wide parameters
  • Page-wide parameters
  • Share and open saved search.
  • SSH tunneling


Install package from npm install -g selectfromuser or yarn global add selectfromuser.



npm test -- --grep="auth"
npm test -- --grep="block"
npm test -- --grep="config"


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