TailAdmin Inertia

It’s a dashboard theme/UI-Starter Kit with Laravel 8, Inertia and Vue 2 (JetStream).

? If you looking for Vue3 version, You can use Anemon ?

Setup Directions

  1. npm install
  2. composer install
  3. Change ENV file name from .env.example to .env
  4. Set database infos in the .env
  5. php artisan migrate:fresh --seed
  6. php artisan key:generate
  7. php storage:link
  8. php artisan serve
  9. npm run hot
  10. Goto: http://localhost:8000 or your APP_URL (in the .ENV)

Admin Login Infos / Demo Account

TailAdmin Demo

? If you looking for Vue3 version, You can use Anemon ?

Featured :

  • TailwindCSS
  • Vue.js Laravel 8 – JetStream Inertia
  • Every components are well documented
  • Easy usability
  • Simple and short code blocks
  • A lot of customization options for every components
  • Responsive, you can use with all devices
  • Custom Auth Pages: Login, Register, Profile, Lock
  • Unique Form Inputs: Repeatable Fields, Select(Rich Content) and Date
  • Complately UI Kit
  • Statistic Widgets for Summary or Small Data Windows
  • It works with FontAwesome
  • Content Components :

    • Alert (Radius options, any icon, 10 colors, timer and closeable)
    • Avatar / Avatar Group for Team Lists (Positionable colorful indicators for notifications)
    • Badge (18 colors, with extra value area, any icon and show/hide animation)
    • Breadcrumb (2 Styles and optional extra action area)
    • Buttons (18 colors, any icon, 3 sizes)
    • Collapsible Content (Customizable header (icon, align and 9 colors))
    • Dropdowns (10 colors and works with Inertia-Link)
    • Lists (18 colors, any icon or photo, radius options and default selectable)
    • Modals (Solid, Gradient and Light backgrounds, independent, works with forms)
    • Pagination (18 colors, connectable every table/content type, custom range and active page)
    • Popovers (4 directions and 2 options (With Title/Without Title))
    • Progress (Animation, duration control, 10 colors and custom height option)
    • Tabs (2 styles and 10 colors)
    • Table (Compatible with pagination component, button area (like add new), searchable, list count control, advanced
      search panel, custom content areas)
    • Tooltips
  • Layout Components :

    • AppLayout (Custom action buttons area, header-sub header control)
    • Grid (Simple kit for content frames control)
    • Content Card (Solid, Gradient and Light background, second content option and resizeable)
    • Statistic Widgets (10 colors, value direction control, auto style with value and any icon/photo)
  • Form Components :

    • Form Content (Practical form area management component, extra buttons, crud actions’ dynamic messages area and
      polished style)
    • Form Section (Split and identified blocks of form)
    • Input Group (Simple form input management, label, error and others)
    • HTML Inputs (With any icon, dynamic customizable)
    • File Input
    • Unique Checkbox Input (With any icon, 10 colors, radius options and dynamic)
    • Unique Radio Button Input (With any icon, 10 colors, radius options and dynamic)
    • Unique Text Area (Character counter, clear button, row count control)
    • Unique Select and Multi Select (Independent, usable with rich content, searchable, clear button)
    • Unique Repeatable Inputs (Inline editable, multiple field option, add/delete buttons)
    • Date Input (Powered V-Calendar, date, date time, time and range with popup calendar)

Partners and Sponsors

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deploy, monitor, backup, & more.

? If you want to support us, you can send a mail to us via [email protected]

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The TailAdmin is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.


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