Windzo Dashboard Admin

this dashboard app on development fork this repo and contribute

Windzo is a free open source dashboard admin template, using vue js and tailwind css framework, make your app build easily and fast.

Light mode

Windzo UI Dashboard Mohammad Sahrullah

Dark mode

Windzo UI Dashboard Mohammad Sahrullah

Live Demo

Click here to Live Demo.


1. clone this repo first or download zip code

git clone

2. Open windzo folder and follow the step

Step to run this app

1. Project setup

before use, install all dependencies app first with command :

using npm :

npm install

using yarn :

yarn install

2. Compiles and hot-reloads for development

run this command to compile code :

using npm :

npm run serve

using yarn :

yarn serve

3. Compiles and minifies for production

build your app project to production with command :

using npm :

npm run build

using yarn :

yarn build

Open Contribute

This repository ready to contribute

Contribute Guide
  • Fork this repository
  • npm install or yarn install
  • make change
  • open pull request


Windzo is created by Mohammad Sahrullah.




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