Twitter Profile Viewer

Screenshot of the app

A service to see your Twitter profile from a new perspective with more details, using all of the data you can get from the Twitter API,

? Features

  • See how many public lists you are a member of.
  • See how many tweets you liked.
  • See your Twitter User ID.
  • See your account’s exact creation date with hours and minutes. (Example: 22/01/2018 07:21:29)

? Self-hosting

  • Clone this repo: git clone
    • Change directory to the new folder: cd twitter-profile-viewer
  • Instal dependencies
    • With npm: npm install
    • With yarn: yarn
    • With pnpm: pnpm install
  • Start in development, or build the app
    • With npm: npm run dev or npm run build (and then npm run serve)
    • With yarn: yarn dev or yarn build (and then yarn serve)
    • With pnpm: pnpm run dev or pnpm run build (and then pnpm run serve)

? Thanks