Nuxt Testimonial

Nuxt Testimonial

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Create a Twitter testimonial wall for your Nuxt website.


  • ?? Show off your favourite tweets
  • ? Customizable Masonry layout
  • ? Server side cached for speed
  • ? No layout shift (SSR)
  • ⚡ Fast & Easy setup
  • ? Lazy loading

Quick Setup

  1. Add nuxt-testimonial dependency to your project
npm install --save-dev nuxt-testimonial
  1. Add nuxt-testimonial to the modules section of nuxt.config.ts

export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: ["nuxt-testimonial"],

That’s it! You can now use Nuxt Testimonial in your Nuxt app ✨


We provide a simple <NuxtTestimonial /> component that you can add to your website.



<script setup>
const ids = [
  // ... more twitter ids
const columns = ref(2);
const width = ref(200);

We also provide a simple Tweet component if you want to build your own integrations:

  <NuxtTweet :id="id" :show-media="false" />

<script setup>
const id = "1683982469752840193";


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