Vuestic UI is forever free and open to contributions.

A Vue.js 3.0 UI Framework Contains 50+ feature rich components.


Why use Vuestic UI?

  • Vue.js 3.0 compatible
  • MIT license
  • Feature-rich: more than 52 customizable components
  • Two built-in color scheme presets
  • Powerful configurations:
    • Local - configure components in-depth
    • Global - configure framework overall
  • Cross-browser and responsive
  • i18n-ready


First, make sure you have all prerequisites installed:

After checking the prerequisites, install Vuestic UI via npm/yarn:

npm install vuestic-ui
yarn add vuestic-ui

Quick start

Make sure you're imported both styles and plugin into your entry file:

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
import { VuesticPlugin } from 'vuestic-ui' //(✓)
import 'vuestic-ui/dist/vuestic-ui.css' //(✓)
const app = createApp(App)
app.use(VuesticPlugin) //(✓)