Laravel 6 (LTS) Vue.js Frontend Boilerplate

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A Vue.js Frontend starter project kit template/boilerplate with Laravel 6 Backend API support.


  • Ready using Backend API Laravel 6 (Long-term support/LTS)
  • Optimized for Frontend (basic UI/views, minimum dependencies, no bloatware)
  • Authentication with JWT
  • Basic Features: Register, Login, Forgot Password, Update Profile & Password
  • Latest Vue.js with support Vue CLI 3, vuex, vue-router, vue-meta, vue-i18n, etc.
  • Unit & Feature Test
  • Standard Coding Style & Clean Code


  • Download latest release or clone this repository.
  • Edit vue.config.js and set API backend dev-server if necessary
  • Run npm install


  • Run npm run serve or npm run build
  • Run npm run lint
  • Run npm run test:unit



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