Launch your own personal URL shortener / redirection service using free tiers of Supabase, Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare Pages.


  • Redirection based on device type (Default / Android / iOS)
  • Support various URL protocols
  • Front-end web application for link management


  1. Visit Also accessible through

  2. Use Magic Link to login or sign in with GitHub.

  3. Create and manage your links!

    URLs have to start with a protocol such as https://, ftp://

    Custom protocols are supported (eg: tg:// opens the Telegram app).

  4. Test your links at

Supabase Features Used


Provide authentication and segretation of data between different users.


Store redirection links and metadata.

JS Library

Convenient access to access the above Supabase features used.

Cloudflare Features Used

Cloudflare Workers

Perform URL redirection and to update link data.

Workers KV

Read and store link data used when redirecting web requests.

Cloudflare Pages

Host the front-end Vue 3 web application.

Installation Guide

Coming soon!

Upcoming Features

  • Search & Filtering of Links
  • QR Code Display
  • Link Expiry Datetime
  • Password Protection
  • Country Redirect


  • Intallation Guide
  • Set up GitHub Actions

Developed by @licitdev


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