This is a simple web-app to explore ideas based on LLM, with very little typing. The basic idea is to use LLM to generate a response and also a set of suggestions for each response. We can click on those suggestions to explore the topic further.

Currently ollama is the only supported backend.


  1. Generation of response from queries (basic)
  2. Generation of related queries and suggestions
  3. Generation based on text selection
  4. History management
  5. Parent-child relation management for topics
  6. Handling a set of aspects for every response (eg: people, places, etc)


Use the following commands to get the app running in dev mode:

cd llmbinge/llmbinge
yarn install
yarn dev

The app uses the following fixed parameters (for now):


  • configuration for model and url
  • configuration for output size
  • favicon for the app
  • support response regeneration
  • support save and reload
  • markdown rendering
  • equation rendering
  • graphviz graph rendering
  • detailed instructions on setting up the project
  • release 1.0


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