But first – DEMO


NOTE: There is no backend API running that means: Authentication/Authorization, Xhr Upload and Sephiroth grid playground/demo showcases are not working properly.

Vue 3 Webpack Boilerplate V2

[email protected] with webpack and not using the Vue CLI.

A Vue 3 Starter Boilerplate using Webpack 5 instead of CLI . Also used/implemented:

  • Typescript 4
  • Prettier
  • Vue Router 4
  • Pinia 2
  • Vuelidate
  • NProgress
  • Vue Qr code
  • Bootstrap 5 – using only CSS modules we need, not whole bundle and not JS stuff (we are going to implement those our-self)
  • Authorization and Authentication pages with logic that works with my server side project (can be found here: https://github.com/Uraharadono/Net7CoreApiBoilerplate)
  • Custom Tabs component – With support for both route (navigation) and component content based tab content. My own authoring, quite simple, lightweight, easy to use. Please credit if you use it.
  • Custom Xhr File Upload component – this component supports quite the amount of history while also using my implementation of Form Post to post data to server
  • Custom Autocomplete component – my own authoring, quite simple, lightweight, easy to use. Please credit if you use it.
  • Custom Toggle component
  • Custom Data table component I named ** Sephiroth grid ** – My baby. Data table of my own authoring. Insenely extensable and customazible while being quite simple and lightweight, easy to use. Please credit if you use it.
  • Custom Modal component
  • Custom Are you sure you want to delete (modal) component
  • Custom Loader 1 & 2 components
  • Custom Auth guard directive logic (using JWT tokens)
  • Axios wrapper – wanted it to look similar to old jQuery Ajax and to support uploading files out of the box
  • Datepicker
  • FontAwesome icons – I have not implemented FontAwesome using this way: https://fontawesome.com/docs/web/use-with/vue/ even tho’ merging and combining icons seems like great idea, because I want to be able to use icons dynamically (using string interpolation). I have used modified version of: https://fontawesome.com/docs/web/setup/host-yourself/webfonts to load fonts myself. Instead of what is shown in tutorial, I have installed FontAwesome from npm (https://fontawesome.com/docs/web/setup/packages) and imported the .scss files myself. Bundle size is 1Mb bigger, and with my experience from before, after usage of ~20ish .svg icons, it bloats to almost same size.
  • Webpack Bundle Analyzer – analyze sizes of your build files. I am using it only when building production, since DevServer is deploying in memory, so there is nothing to analyse.
  • and more to come ?

(*NOTE*: I have tried and I think I managed to create a push for each one of the items in list above. So in case you need just "Modal component" you can find it in pushes.)

Why I created this repo

Mainly I need project that I want to upgrade from Vue 2 to Vue 3 but not using the CLI. (CLI gave me a lot of issues in past when I was implementing the Rich Text Editor and I don’t trust it ever since… and I am a bit of control freak when it comes to my code).

I also took some time to have some fun, to practice, and mostly for myself to bootstrap my projects. You are more than welcome to start using it if you find it fits your needs.


# Install node package manager dependencies.
npm install

# Start development server.
npm run build

# Compile production bundle. This will automatically analyze your bundle as well.  
npm run production


I took webpack configuration inspiration from this project: https://github.com/Jamie-Yang/vue3-boilerplate It has been obviously heavily edited and is up to date with npm packages.

Another note is that there might be bits and pieces of code that I have reused in these last 3-4 years of writing all of these components. If you see something that should be credited that I forgot about, please let me know.


├─ public           // static assets.
├─ service          // commands and webpack configurations.
├─ src
│  ├─ assets        // assets such as images or font files.
│  ├─ components    // universal Vue components.
│  ├─ router        // view's routers config.
│  ├─ stores        // Pinia stores.
│  ├─ typings       // typescript .d.ts files.
│  └─ views         // pages.


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