About the Project

Website Screenshot Simple blog to capture the experience of VueJS Amsterdam.

Built With

Getting Started

To get a local instance up and running follow these simple (or not, looking at you Node) steps.

Requirements & Installation


  1. Clone Project
  2. Create Feature Branch (git checkout -b feature/name-of-feature-or-post)
  3. Commit changes
    • New Feature: git commit -m '✨ add new-feature-description'
    • New Post: git commit -m '?️ add new-post-title'
    • Bugfix: git commit -m '? fix bugfix-description'
    • Refactoring: git commit -m '? refactor component-or-sth-else-description'
    • Documentation: git commit -m '? update documentation-description
  4. Push to branch (git push origin feature/name-of-feature-or-post)
  5. Create new pull request


  • Update Readme
  • Add back to home-Button on Post-Pages
  • Add Image-Component
  • Add Navbar
  • Domain setup
  • Add favicon
  • Add title
  • Netlify Function to block requests from outside of kt vpn or add password protection
  • ?


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