An administrator dashboard, implemented by Vue.js (including vue-router, vuex, chart.js), inspired by ant design pro.


  • Access control: Global aside menu rendered dynamically by global routes map which is combine common routes and dynamic routes (filter by user access).

  • Neat Design: UI design is inspired by ant design specification, implemented by Element UI

  • Mock development: Easy to use mock development solution



  • Dashboard
    • Analysis
    • Workspace
  • Form
    • Basic form
    • Step form
  • Access
    • Admin (A private page, filter by user access.)
    • User (A common page, based on dynamic routes.)

Notice: access/admin only work with user access including admin.


git clone --depth=1
cd vue-design-pro
yarn mock
yarn dev
# visit http://localhost:5000 (or http://<your host device ip>:5000)