Curriculum App

This app allows users to create their own learning curriculum. They can then keep track of their progress, share it with friends, and make changes as they go along.

To see the playlist where I livestream the building of this app, click here.

Running Locally

Run the Front-End

  1. Clone this repo
  2. cd curriculum-front
  3. npm i
  4. npm run serve

Run the Back-End

  1. Open another terminal tab or window
  2. cd curriculum-back
  3. npm run setup
  4. npm start

Tech Stack

  1. Vue.js/Vue Router/Vuex
  2. Vuetify
  3. Node.js/Express.js
  4. MongoDB/Mongoose
  5. Digital Ocean (hosting)


Home Page Mockup

User Dashboard Mockup

Create or Update Page Mockup

Display Curriculum Page Mockup


Color Palette: color palete for application 710627 – EA5455 – FAA275 – F5E4C3 – 34A7B2


  • / –> Home Page/Landing Page
  • curricula –> shows all curricula
  • curricula/create –> shows form to create
  • curricula/id –> shows single curriculum
  • curricula/id/update –> update single curriculum



  • id: UUID (pk)
  • name: string
  • goal: string
  • description: string
  • sections: [object]
    • name: string
    • resources: [object]
      • isCompleted: boolean (default: false)
      • name: string
      • url: string
    • projects: [object]
      • isCompleted: boolean (default: false)
      • name: string
      • url: string
  • createdBy: Mongo object id (userId, foreign key)
  • createdAt: timestamp
  • updatedAt: timestamp


  • username: String
  • email: String
  • password: String (hashed password)
  • isVerified: Boolean
  • createdAt: timestamp
  • updatedAt: timestamp


This is just to store and expire verification codes that are sent to user by email.

  • userId: Mongo object id (userId, foreign key)
  • code: Number


Prefix: /api/v1



  • get
  • post


  • get
  • patch
  • delete


get the ratio of completed tasks for each curriculum

  • get

MVP Features

  1. Home Page with list of curriculums
  2. Form Page to create/update a curriculum
  3. User can delete a curriculum

Version 1 Features

  1. Users can log in and save their curricula
  2. Users can fork other users curricula


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