An app helps you to remember things and evaluates your productivity. WIP.

Today is a cross-platform GTP application built on the power of Electron and Vue.js and with heart. It helps you to keep track of your tasks, provide suggestions for today and evaluate how productive you are.

A glance of what you can do with Today:

  • Add a To-Do, set due date and plan date, and write a description.
  • Get suggestions from Today for today's jobs.
  • See if you complete your planned To-Dos in Summary View.



Today now supports English and Chinese.

How to use

This project is still a work in progress But if you're interested, you can go to releases and download the latest preview release. You can also clone this repo and:

  • yarn dev to run in development mode.
  • yarn storybook to develop components.
  • yarn build to build.

Please refer to electron-vue for more running and building guides.


I wrote all components to provide smooth interactions and refreshing user experience.

  • Calendar
  • ContextMenu
  • DatePicker
  • Message
  • Notfication
  • Input
  • Button
  • ConfirmDialog
  • InputDialog
  • Dropdown
  • Modal
  • Segment
  • Switch
  • Select

See them in src/renderer/components/wzel.

Wendell Hu, 2018.