An AutoHeight Waterfall Component For Vue2.


Install vue2-waterfall

npm install vue2-waterfall

Import vue2-waterfall

ES6/commonjs import style is supported.

// ES6
import {Waterfall, WaterfallItem} from 'vue2-waterfall';

// commonjs
const Waterfall = require("vue2-waterfall").Waterfall;
const WaterfallItem = require("vue2-waterfall").WaterfallItem;

or link as a script in an html file and access global variable Vue2Waterfall.

<script src="dist/vue2-waterfall.js"></script>




Waterfall Attributes

Option Description default type acceptable values
gutterWidth the waterfall brick element horizontal gutter 0 Number -
gutterHeight the waterfall brick element vertical gutter 0 Number -
resizable triggers layout when browser window is resized true Boolean 'true' 'false'
align Alignment 'center' String 'left' 'center' 'right'
fixWidth fix the waterfall component width - Number -
minCol min columns 1 Number -
maxCol max column - Number -
percent use Fluid layout, ignore waterfallitem width. such as [1, 1] - Array -

WaterfallItem Attributes

Option Description default type
order The order of waterfallItem, often be set to index in v-for - Number
width The width of waterfallItem 150 Number


Option Description
rendered the waterfall component is rendered