Catus Notebook

The Catus Notebook combines the defination for both a note and a todo to enable you to easily create, edit and schedule your notes effectively⚡ and elegantly?. It is developed as an Electron wrapped Vue.js application and is intended to work on multiple platforms.

Thank you for your interests? in contributing to this project which awaits your skills ?‍??‍? and creativity✨ to make it better? and enhace user experience?. When the code base enlarges, new issues and hidden issue that works fine with smaller scale code base may appear. Feel free to create new issues regarding any bugs, security and performance issues and so on with their respective flags.

If you just want to use the software, please visit the software's website for a better introduction to the software and find the download link there, you could also find the download link in the release page

Project setup

  1. Clone this repository

    git clone
  2. Enter the directory and install all dependencies

    cd catus-notebook 
    yarn install
  3. Run or build the project

    • Compiles and hot-reloads for development

      yarn electron:serve
    • Compiles and minifies for production

      yarn electron:build


Mozilla Public License
Version 2.0