NoteHub is an online note sharing platform where users can edit notes with a versatile rich-text editor in a real-time collaborative environment. NoteHub also provides notes sharing features between individuals or communities, and even more advanced features such as AI assistance, including content summarization, Q&A, voice to text transcription, and handwritten text recognition.


Run npm install under frontend and backend folder respectively.

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run watch

Run this command under the NOTEHUB directory will start both Vue cli and Node server in hot-reload (watch) mode

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run deploy

Run this command under the NOTEHUB directory will build the frontend in server/public folder and start the node server.
Production site is at backend port: http://localhost:8000/


npm run test

Run this command under the NOTEHUB directory will start both test for backend and frontend.

Project Description

Nowadays, as online education and remote learning become a new norm of life, more and more students choose to take notes on their electronic devices such as laptops and iPads. Although some of these tools provide a beautiful UI and electronic way of taking notes, there is no single platform that can fulfill all needs of students such as real-time collaboration with MarkDown support and executable code blocks in one place. To break the routines, NoteHub aims to bring a new era for taking notes by providing all functionalities for the best note taking experience that a student can imagine on one platform.
NoteHub utilizes the newest technology in the industry to provide users the most innovative experience of taking notes. More specifically, we offer three major functionalities that can be the game changer for students to take notes more efficiently and pleasantly. First, enlightened by Markdown markup language, we design and implement a multifunctional rich-text editor, namely NoteX, which inherits the essence of Markdown but extends much more features for the finest experience. For example, our NoteHub is capable of handling multiple types of note elements such as executable code blocks, video embedding, math equations with Latex, drawable whiteboards, etc..

Second, with all these fantastic features provided By NoteX, the editor of NoteHub platform, each NoteX (each instance of the note) supports real-time collaboration. This means that users are free to invite their friends, teammates, or even faculty members together, maximizing teamwork productivity and creativity. Although there is already some software that supports such functionalities such as Google doc, it still lacks the support of Markdown, and executable code blocks, and other essential functionalities that make NoteHub stand out. As we specifically design our app to suit the needs of students, users do not need to constantly change their window between different apps but solely focus on taking beautiful notes and working in a team.
Third, besides the NoteX editor and the real-time collaboration, NoteHub is a place to create and join different communities, contributing notes with people who share the same interests. As the name NoteHub suggests, we aspire to create a note sharing platform that connects people and enhances their learning productivity. At NoteHub, each user is allowed to upload their works from their personal workspace to a community such as a specific course community. Through this community, users can comment on others’ notes and even contribute to these notes by asking for access permission with the note owners. Moreover, we plan to make the community more vibrant by providing paid or subscription functions. For example, a user can contribute his/her notes to a community with a paid access if the note owner thinks other members would like to pay for a cup of coffee.

In conclusion, tired of the daily frustration and predicament of not having a productive note-taking application as a college student, we are determined to make NoteHub the ultimate solution for students to take the most effective and elegant notes all in one place.