Flash Typer Play is an online typing game that allows players to compete with each other based on their typing speed. Players can compete against others in real-time or race against their own best times.


E-mail Validation

  • Sends an OTP to user’s email address, when a new User/Player is creating account.
  • Sends an OTP to user’s email when users forget his password and want to reset it.

Typing Race with other Players

  • Click on Start Race button on the home screen to start a race
    • If a player is not Logged, his name will be shown as Guest

If there is only one player in the race, the race will not start until the another players join the race

  • If a player is logged in his Name will be shown

  • As soon as other player will joins the race, 10 seconds timer will start
  • More players can join only in these 10 seconds
  • After the 10 seconds end the room will be closed for new players and the race will start
  • If player type wrong spelling after typing few words the input will stop and player will not be able to type, and red background appear.


  • Top Ten Players name, typing speed and Total races will appear on the leaderboard

Role Based Access

  • Type of Users
    • Admin
    • User/Player
  • There is Same Login Page for Both the users.

Both the input fields should be filled to proceed, else user will get message to fill all fields.

  • Admin has two extra features in the Navbar
    • Players
    • Race Texts

Players Page (Admin)

  • View all Players’ Details, and also sort and search any field.
  • Edit Players Details, such as name, email
  • Delete the Player

Race Texts Page (Admin)

  • View all Existing Texts/Sentences, and also sort and search any field.
  • Admin can add new Texts/Sentences.
  • Edit existing Texts’ Details, such as title, text/sentences
  • Delete the text


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