Ruqqus is an open-source platform for independent internet communities.


  • Moderator power limited by design
  • No ads
  • US-based servers
  • Mobile friendly
  • Dark mode

Why Ruqqus?

A moderator has the power to "kick" a user-submitted post from their community (guild) but never delete it off the platform entirely. Kicked posts end up in a catch-all guild called +general. Content that violates the site-wide policy is removed by the core team.

Moderators, called guild masters, can only moderate a maximum of 10 guilds.

We do not serve ads. Put simply, advertisements lead to censorship. Ruqqus is funded out-of-pocket by the core team and through donations from users.

Ruqqus is responsive and mobile browser-friendly.

Getting started

An account is not required to browse Ruqqus but we recommend creating one.

1. Create an account

Sign up in seconds, no email required. With a Ruqqus account, you can vote and comment on posts as well as join guilds.

2. Join some guilds

After signing up, we recommend you join some guilds. Your home feed will be populated by content from guilds you've joined.

3. Create a post

On Ruqqus, you can share links or text posts.