Full Stack Twitter Clone

In the project, I am doing it to develop myself on the back-end side. I spend my experience and effort to become a full-stack developer using Node.js and mongoDB.

In this project, I preferred Node.js in Back-end, mongoDB as Service, object document mapper (ODM) mongoose, Vue.js and pug in Front-end, SCSS for styling. I'm thinking of deploying my project to Google Cloud.

Running the Twitter Clone

$ docker-compose up

Running without Docker

Running backend

$ cd backend
$ npm i
$ npm start
$ npm watch #run with nodemon for development

Running frontend

$ cd frontend
$ yarn
$ yarn serve

Run npm install on the root folder and it will set up a pre-commit hook to lint the staged files. You will also have two lint commands, npm run lint and npm run lint-staged that you can run on the root folder.

These commands run the individual lint and lint-staged scripts in both the frontend and the backend folders, and they will respect individual configurations of these folders.

UML Diagram

Class Diagram(Plant Uml)

Basic version

Basic-II version