Arco Design Pro

An out-of-the-box solution to quickly build enterprise-level applications based on Arco Design.


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✨ Features

  • TypeScript – The code is completely written in TypeScript.
  • Vue3 – Look to the future and embrace Vue3.
  • Pinia – It’s trendy and delicious.
  • Arco Design – Powered by ArcoDesign Vue component library.
  • Templates – 16+ page templates, covering tables, lists, forms, dashboard, visualization and other scenes.
  • Themes – Based on the rich theme market of DesignLab, make your projects ever-changing.
  • Dark Theme – Switch to dark theme with one click.
  • Mock – Built-in API simulation scheme, code as comments, more simulation of the online environment.
  • I18n – Built-in internationalized multi-language solution.
  • Config – Flexible configuration of page color, layout, etc.

? Usage

$ npm i @arco-design/arco-cli@latest yarn -g

$ arco init my-project


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