Avatar Maker

Collect your avatar from different parts. The code of this program is very easy, any developer will be able to understand the code. SVG is used to draw an avatar.

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Avatar Maker - Create your own avatar | Product Hunt Avatar Maker - Create your own avatar | Product Hunt


Demo version of the project


Mobile app

Link to the Avatar Maker mobile app for Android on Google Play: Mobile app


Getting Start:

  • Open a terminal.

  • Go to the folder where you want to copy the project.

  • Copy the project with this command:

    $ git clone https://github.com/favrora/Avatar-Maker.git
  • Go to the project folder:

    $ cd avatar-maker

In order to run it locally you’ll need to fetch some dependencies and a basic server setup.

  • Install local dependencies:

    $ npm install
  • Start the development server and open http://localhost:8080.

    $ npm run serve

Open tasks

Completed tasks

  • Change random avatar without reloading the site. | Done by Bruno Neves | 23.03.2021
  • Add function to download created avatar as a png image. | Done by Peter H. | 01.03.2021
  • Create a demo site | Done by Andrew Kliskey | 03.02.2021


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