This Static Web Applications allows users to manage, share and use a number of apps and services thorugh there browser or tv without limitations. Tesla Drivers have easy access to multiple media services, Using the full screen button we can access theatre mode this will allow all apps to work in full screen within the tesla. Tv’s with just a limited browser and you have easy access to application. Dont let it stop you add your own apps and share you App List ID with friends.


Below is what the project looks like on a Model 3 or Model Y when in theater mode.


This has been tested on the Model Y, No compatibility issue’s yet from any other models. Please let me know in the issue’s tab if there is


This product is not in any way related to the Tesla brand or any of the other brands displayed within. Navigating to each service brings you to their official application served securely over HTTPS. None of the user’s information is stored by this application. This application is served securely through SSL on HTTPS, and all traffic is encrypted. Google Analytics is used purely to see user counts.


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BSD 3-Clause License


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