Bitburner Apps

When installing, you’re free to change the target name and install the apps anywhere you want.

  1. Server list
  2. Macros

Server list

Lists statistics about all available servers with one-click connect, backdoor and nuke functionality. Screenshot

To install

wget server-list.js

To run

run server-list.js


Configurable terminal commands at the click of a button. Screenshot

To install

wget macros.js

To run

run macros.js


The following JSON structure needs adding to a config.txt file in the same directory as the app.

The JSON requires a key=>value pair of button labels and an array of terminal commands to execute.
Buttons can also be grouped by nesting this structure.

	"macros": {
		"Show servers": ["home", "run /gui/server-list.js"],
		"Show processes": ["home", "run /gui/process-list.js"],
		"Attacks": {
			"Atack all": ["home", "run /attacks/controller.js"],
			"Batch": ["home", "run batch.js --prompt"],
			"Weaken": ["home", "run /util/server/enslave.js /attacks/weaken-forever.js joesguns"]
		"Buy": {
			"Buy hacks": ["buy BruteSSH.exe", "buy FTPCrack.exe", "buy relaySMTP.exe", "buy HTTPWorm.exe", "buy SQLInject.exe", "home", "run /util/server/root-everything.js"],
			"Buy servers": ["home", "run server-purchase.js --once"]