Time Calculator

Ongoing little project to showcase the new TC39 proposal for a more standardized and robust Date & Time object, Temporal. Currently just adds up the entries in the list and displays the result in a simplified and humanized output.

Controls ?

  • Ctrl + Directional Arrows - Movement between fields, creates new entries as needed.
    • Usual form movement works as well (Tab and Shift + Tab)
  • Ctrl + Enter - Evaluates the result
  • Ctrl + Delete - Removes the currently selected entry from the list

Project Setup ?

Uses NPM/PNPM, so usual procedures follow:

npm i
npm run dev

And to build for production

npm run build

Roadmap ?

What should you expect?

  • Basic functionality
    • [x] Add
    • [x] Subtract
  • [x] Don't allow flooding of empty entries (must use an entry before adding a new one)
  • [x] Modal for controls
  • [ ] Mobile layout
  • [ ] Clickable Handles for adding entries
  • [ ] Reorderable entries
  • [ ] Light/Dark theme switch

And of course, general refactoring for clarity + optimizations as needed