Rain Of Change

Rain of Change Netlify Status

A free Changelog template created with Nuxt 3.0 & Nuxt Content 2.0 that you can use for your projects.

We are very pleased to share our first free template. We hope Rain of Change will help anyone who needs to keep a Changelog for their projects.

You can customize this template as you wish by copying it to your own repository and pulling it to your local.

Live Preview

Headless CMS

Use with Contentrain

To manage the content of this template, we recommend you use Contentrain.

We have created the collection template that you need. You can find and use this collection in “Shared Collections”.

After free registration with Contentrain, you need to start a manual project installation and continue the installation by selecting the Rain of Change repo on Github.

During the installation, it is enough to delete the sample collections in the Collections step, select the Logs collection from the Shared Collections section and complete the installation.

This way you can easily manage all your logs with Contentrain.

If you have any question with the installation, you can send us your questions via Discord.

We will soon publish a video about how to use this template with Contentrain.



variable description options
publish It provides publication control for your logs true or false
relaseDate Allows you to set dates for your logs
tags Allows you to set the version label and label colors.

Tag Object

variable description options
text You can create release tags like “Features, Bug Fix”
color You can choose the color for the tags blue,red, yellow, gray, zinc, green, purple, orange, pink, teal, indigo, cyan, brown, slate, amber, lime, emerald, sky


Make sure to install the dependencies:

# yarnyarn install# npmnpm install

Development Server

Start the development server on http://localhost:3000

npm run dev


Deploy with Vercel Deploy to Netlify

Static Hosting

Pre-render the website to be deployed on any static hosting:

npm run generate

The dist/ directory is ready to be deployed (symlink to .output/public), learn more on Nuxt docs.

Node server

Build the application for production:

npm run build

Start the server in production:

node .output/server/index.mjs

Learn more on Nuxt docs for more information.


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