Quasar CRUD Project for Onfly test

CRUD made with vue3 and quasar framework for Onfly’s technical test

Index page

index page

Create user

create user

Validation create user

validation create user

Confirme delete user

confirm delete


user update notfy

Set the token

To be able to carry out the requests, go to the quassar.config.js file search for //env:{}, and replace with: env:{ TOKEN: ‘token value’, },

A Quasar CRUD Project

Install the dependencies

# or
npm install

Start the app in development mode (hot-code reloading, error reporting, etc.)

quasar dev

Lint the files

yarn lint
# or
npm run lint

Build the app for production

quasar build

Customize the configuration

See Configuring quasar.config.js.


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