Kirby Panel Button

Kirby CMS button field to open URLs in a new tab or trigger webhooks

Custom Kirby Panel field, that displays a button that can be used to either open a URL in a new tab or to trigger some url or webhook and wait for success or error.

? Work in progress

This plugin is work in progress and will propably change in the near future. Please use only at own risk. If you have ideas for improvement or encountered any problems, please let me know.

To Do

  • Add multilang support

Ideas for version 2

  • Add a buttons section that allows to add some text and multiple buttons
  • Option to display result in dialog popup


composer require moritzebeling/kirby-panel-button
git clone site/plugins/kirby-panel-button

If your plugin requires this plugin:

cd site/plugins/your-plugin
composer require moritzebeling/kirby-panel-button
# if you’re in an existing kirby installation
cd ../../..
composer update


  type: button
  label: Open URL in new tab
  text: Open # Button text
  url: "{{ page.slug }}"
  icon: edit
  open: true # open URL in new tab

  type: button
  label: Refresh data
  text: Refresh
  url: /fetch-data
  theme: positive
  reload: true # trigger a page refresh on success to display updated data


npm run dev




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