Url encoder for SVG



  1. Take svg.
  2. Encode it with url-encoder.
  3. Use code as background-image or border-image or mask.
  4. Enjoy!

Demo: https://codepen.io/yoksel/full/WNrLpYW.

How to add translate

  1. Create translation file (use src/translate/en.json as example) and place it to src/translate/
  2. Add new language to section langs in all translation files
  3. Add item with your language to section translates in gulpfile.js.
  4. Run npm start in console (wait until project will be opened in browser) and check all pages:
    • Link to new page must appear in all pages
    • In the page with new translate new language in list must looks like current (bold and black)
  5. Send pull request


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