Web Interface for GTFO The Game EnemyBalancingDataBlock stats.

This UI is based on EnemyBalancingDataBlock provided by UntiIted/OriginalDataBlocks

UI features ?


You can see all the enemy names, click on them to reveal their stats (reclick to hide). Stats are organized in 4 categories:

  • Health: stats like MaxHealth, Health Damage Multiplier, ecc
  • Damage: damage dealt with melee or ranged attacks
  • Collision: collision range with player, can be pushed, ecc
  • C-Foam: c-foam (glue) resistance and fadeout time

Build ⚙️

Clone the repo in your local machine:

git clone
cd GTFStats

Then install the required packages with:

yarn install

Now you can build the project or just run it:

# build
yarn build

# run
yarn serve

The script will create a new branch and push the content of dist (the folder generated with the command yarn build) in origin/gh-pages. This is useful if you have a GitHub-Page environment set up in the remote repo. You can run it with:

# or
yarn ghpages


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