For times where you are either lazy to write media queries or you don’t have need for a mobile adaptive website

? Installation

 $ npm install null-responsive-vue

? Usage

Install in your main ts or js file

  import nullResponsive from "null-responsive-vue"   // import base css file
  import "null-responsive-vue/styles.css"
  Vue.use(nullResponsive) // install globally

? Config

Pass in the Config props to the component when you place it in any of your vue files

     <nullResponsive :config="nullConfig"/>
       export default{
              return {
                       nullconfig : {
                          inputText: "This is the face of a lazy developer, still working on the mobile view mfjpm?",
                          imglink: "",
                          breakpoint: 1000,
                          bg_color: "#e6e6fb",
                          text_color: "#858586",

Or you can pass in the config options when installing in your main ts or js file

   // main.js
   const nullconfig = {
    inputText: "This is the face of a lazy developer, still working on the mobile view mfjpm??",
    breakpoint: 1000,
    imgPath: "img.jpeg",
    bg_color: "#e6e6fb",
    text_color: "#858586",
   Vue.use(nullResponsive, nullConfig)


The props passed determines the splash screen that’d be displayed. Here’s a table of all available props

Prop Description Type Default
inputText Text content on the splash screen, could also include links using <a><a/> string none
breakpoint Sets the breakpoint at which the splash screen comes in px up e.g. 1000 number 1000
bg_color Sets the background color of the splash screen e.g #e6e6f9 string #fffff
text_color Sets the text color of the text content on the splash screen string black
imgPath Adds a custom image to the content of the splash screen from the assets folder in the vue app. In usage it looks in the assets folder for the image e.g imgPath: "splash.png" string none
imglink To be used when using external images not in your vue app e.g imglink: "" string none

?? Contribution Guide

If you see any usecase or feature you’d like to explore & add to it, you can contribute by:

  1. Forking this repository.
  2. Clone the forked repository to your local machine.
  3. Create a new branch with a name like this -feature/name-of-feature.
  4. Run npm to install dependencies.
  5. Write code and then commit changes.
  6. Run npm run build to compile a build into the dist folder.
  7. To test the feature or bug you’ve coded run npm link in your nullResponsive cloned root folder
  8. On the local project you want to test the features on, run npm link null-responsive-vue.
  9. Now navigate back to the terminal on your cloned nullResponsive folder and then run npm link ../path-to-test-project/node_modules/vue. Now you can test your changes.
  10. After all is done, push to your forked repository and then send a pull request.

⚖️ Licence

MIT (c) Jesse Akoh.


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