Daily Prebuilt: Vue demo

Daily Prebuilt Vue demo: in-call view


To use this demo, you will first need to create a Daily account. You will need your Daily API key, which can be found on the Developers page, if you want to create new rooms through the demo UI.

You can use existing Daily rooms in the demo by pasting the room URL into the input. The room URL should be in this format to be valid: https://domain-name.daily.co/room-name, with daily-domain changed to your domain, and room-name changed to the name of the existing room you would like to use.

Daily Prebuilt Vue demo: home screen

Running locally

To run this demo locally:

  1. Install dependencies npm install
  2. Start dev server npm run serve
  3. Then open your browser and go to http://localhost:8080


Running using Netlify CLI

If you want access to the Daily REST API (using the proxy as specified in netlify.toml) as well as a more robust local dev environment, please do the following in this project’s directory:

  1. Deploy to your Netlify account

    Deploy with Netlify

    Note: You’ll need your Daily API key handy for this step.

  2. Install the Netlify CLI npm i -g netlify-cli

  3. Login to your account netlify login

  4. Rename sample.env to .env and add your API key

  5. Start the dev server netlify dev

Note: If the API proxy isn’t working locally you may need to run netlify build first. This will put API key in the netlify.toml file, so make sure you don’t commit this change.

Compile and minify for production

npm run build

Lint and fix files

npm run lint

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