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Decentralized Betting Protocol

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Decentralized Betting Protocol

Juster is an on-chain smart contract platform allowing users to take part in an automated betting market by creating events, providing liquidity to them, and making bets.

Our main goal is to provide the most transparent betting system for everyone. At the initial stage, we will give you the opportunity to bet on price changes of different currency pairs (ETH-USD, BTC-USD & XTZ-USD).



Juster’s contract data structure, consisting of a bunch of parameters and associated with some off-chain event through an on-chain oracle’s data feed. Each Juster’s Event has two possible outcomes S and ̅S that is determined using the oracle data.


An on-chain operation that represents a bet of a certain amount of tez on one of an Event’s outcomes.

Liquidity Providing

An on-chain operation that represents adding of a certain amount of tokens to the Event as a liquidity.

Submissions (Total Value Locked)

Liquidity + Bets. Submissions consist of provided liquidity and bets. Most often used for aggregated statistics.

Close Time

The moment of time when the final data can be retrived from the oracle to define the Event outcome and the Event can be closed.

Measure Period

The time interval from the end of accepting bets period to the event


The amount that will be available for withdrawal after the Event is closed in case of correctly guessing the Event outcome



  1. Clone this repo
  git clone hhttps://github.com/best-lucky1030/Juster-App
  1. Open project folder
  cd Juster-App
  1. Install dependencies
  1. Run in development mode
  yarn serve

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