About DeTake Project

DeTake can utilize your idle on-chain accounts to do some decentralized stuff on chain and obtain the rewards from task distributors.

Prominent Features

  • Multiple accounts manipulation
  • Automatic JSON-RPC shift
  • Programmatic and scalable modules in js
  • Snapshot/revert tasks

Getting Started

You can access an online version or download a self-contained prebuilt PWA based on Chrome for your platform from this repository’s releases page.

? Online demo ->

? Video tutorials here ->



Navigate to infura powered by Consensys and get your own account.

Once verified, you’ll be taken to the Infura dashboard where you can create projects, view analytics, select add-ons, or raise support requests.


Create a new project

From the pop-up:

  • Select a network in the PRODUCT dropdown list.
  • Provide a project(e.g. detake) name, then click CREATE.

Create a new project

Create a new project

Under the Setting tab, make sure you’ve copied the correct endpoints urls and fill them into the text box in RPC section.

Setting rpc

Avaliable Dapp Routers

Blockchain Contract Address
Görli 0x77dca2c955b15e9de4dbbcf1246b4b85b651e50e
Polygon 0x11ce4B23bD875D7F5C6a31084f55fDe1e9A87507
Mumbai 0x08411ADd0b5AA8ee47563b146743C13b3556c9Cc

Setting dapp router

Detake Module

Detake Module or Detake Module Js is a simple javascript code snippet written in a specific format like this:

import { ethers } from 'ethers'
import { Errors } from 'detake/errors'
import { moduleA } from '../moduleA.js'

// Errors type: Fatal/Exception
// If a Fatal error was thrown, the Order will stop

const doMain = async (index, account, globalStates) => {
    // do something amazing
    return true

function handleErrors(err) {}

export {
    __MODULE__: 'some_module_name',
    txHash: '0x',
    logs: [],
    events: [],
    bizData: {
        field1: 'foobar'
    global: {
        loadStatus100: true

Regarding to the design, the parameters or results can be accessed via different jobs in the same level or processed by the job moderator initiated by detake main application. Any errors occur during the execution will be catched and handled collectively with the corresponded context details displaying in each Order panel’ log section.


Please open issues and pull requests for new features, questions, and bug fixes.


  • node v11.0.0
  • Vue v3.0
  • Vite v2.9.9

To get started:

Clone this repo, then

$ yarn

$ yarn dev


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