Diffusion Bee – Stable Diffusion GUI App for M1 Mac


Diffusion Bee is the easiest way to run Stable Diffusion locally on your M1 Mac. Comes with a one-click installer. No dependencies or technical knowledge needed.

  • Runs locally on your computer no data is sent to the cloud ( other than request to download the weights and checking for software updates ).
  • If you like Diffusion Bee, consider checking https://Liner.ai , a one-click tool to train machine learning models



For prompt ideas visit https://arthub.ai

Join discord server : https://discord.gg/t6rC5RaJQn


  • Full data privacy – nothing is sent to the cloud
  • Clean and easy to use UI
  • One click installer
  • No dependencies needed
  • Multiple image sizes
  • Optimized for M1/M2 Chips
  • Runs locally on your computer

How to use

  1. Download and start the application

  2. Enter the text prompt.

Screen Shot 2022-09-11 at 12 33 52 PM

  1. Wait a few seconds to get the generated image



  • M1 / M2 Mac
  • 16 GB RAM preferred. It will run a bit slow with 8GB ram.
  • MacOS 12.5.1 or later

License : Stable Diffusion is released under the CreativeML OpenRAIL M license : https://github.com/CompVis/stable-diffusion/blob/main/LICENSE Diffusion Bee is just a GUI wrapper on top of Stable Diffusion, so all the term of Stable Diffusion are applied on the outputs.


  1. https://github.com/bfirsh/stable-diffusion/tree/apple-silicon-mps-support


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