✨ Features

  • Todo! You can have a mini todo list for your session. It will save in your local browser storage
  • Sync! You can sync your progress across devices
  • Music! Listen to some beatiful music, while you are working
  • Timer! Pomodoro is a very effective method for keeping your attention on tasks. Just set a timer and forget about it, it’s time to relax – relax
  • Statistics! You are good at your job and you know it. Statistics will remind you how much you have done today and you will be able to finish the day with peace of mind
  • Offline! It works offline! The application works even without the Internet, although you will not have access to the music, since it is on the servers ?

? Stack

Phosphor Icons


?? Localization

Locale Done?

? Prototype screen


? Colorscheme

You can see these colors in hex in _colors.scss

Neutral 0-90 (2) Neutral 100-900 Red Green Blue Violet Yellow


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