✨ Features

  • Live Classrooms: Click on a student to talk to them, or create rooms and drag students in & out
  • Remote Labs: Allow students to interact with your real lab equipment remotely & asynchronously
  • Modular: Build your class by combining Modules or make your own with an easy real-time API
  • Easy to start: Download and run to start, no databases or any other dependencies to set up
  • Privacy-friendly: Passwordless auth with minimal student PII stored
  • Fast & Modern: Based on Deno and Vue with a deliberately small codebase
  • Free and Open Source, forever: No paywalled features or lock-in

? Screenshots

  • Classes dashboard: Select what class to enter or create as many as needed
  • Teacher class dashboard: Teachers get an overview of all rooms and can move students around to chat
  • Student class view: Students see their current room and are able to interact with others in the room
  • Class settings: Teachers can manage memberships, modules, and more to customize their class

? Use cases

  • Live online teaching: One to one, one to many, and many to many live classrooms
  • Remote Labs: Allow students to access and control live equipment remotely (eg. remote Arduino fleet)
  • Flipped classrooms and blended learning: Create modules to deliver virtually any content asynchronously
  • Group coursework: Dynamic breakout rooms and easy jumping between rooms
  • Automated Grading: Use Stations to securely auto-grade student submissions into your LMS

With modular architecture anything is possible. A whiteboard, a discussion forum, polls, or even remote Arduino programming, are all easily encapsulated into shareable modules (explore Edrys modules on GitHub).

? Getting Started

Start using Docker:

docker run -p 8000:8000 edrys/edrys

Alternatively, you can clone this repo and run using Deno:

deno run -A dist/app.js --address localhost:8000 --serve-path dist/static


  • ? Visit localhost:8000 and log in, the email verification code will be logged in the server console
  • ? Please visit our documentation to continue setting up your server and adding Modules
  • ? For questions and discussions, please visit our Gitter community
  • ? For updates and showcases, join our newsletter
  • ? For bug reports and feature requests, visit the issues tab

? Support & Partnerships

Edrys.org provides support and priority development as a service. For partnerships, donations, support, or just to chat please contact [email protected].

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