Vue Formulate Currency

Vue Formulate ships with the english locale out of the box, while this package
contains a growing list of language support.


npm install vue-formulate-currency


Add to your vue formulate plugins.

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueFormulate from '@braid/vue-formulate'

import FormulateVueCurrencyPlugin from '@vicenterusso/vue-formulate-currency'

Vue.use(VueFormulate, {
    plugins: [ FormulateVueCurrencyPlugin ]

For Nuxt.js ♥ add the plugin to your formulate.config.js file.

Component Usage

Add the currency type to a formulate component

<FormulateInput  type="currency"/>
Prop Value Example Default Value
currencyPrefix “$” “”
emptyValue “Empty!” “”
currencySymbolPosition “prefix” “prefix” or “suffix”
placeholder “Im a placeholder!” “”
precision 0 2
separator “-“ “,”
outputType “string” “number”

Special Props : styling✨

The styling prop is optional and can be used to add in classes to your input. It accepts and array of classes or a string and will be combined with the formulate configuration classes set in your project.

Duplicate classes are always removed.

<FormulateInput  type="currency"  currencyPrefix="$" :styling="['border-2', 'border-blue-gray-200']"/>

or using a string…

<FormulateInput  type="currency"  currencyPrefix="$" :styling="border-2 border-blue-gray-200"/>


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