Fullstack application to visualize and create metrics.


Create new metrics

  • Create metrics given a name and value.
  • Validate if the metric name and input.

gift showing a metric creation

Metrics Visualization


  • Select the metric you want to visualize.
  • The first metric returned is selected by default.

gift show filter of visualization by metric name

Drill Down

  • Metrics average are grouped per day by default
  • When clicking a specific dataset point on the day vizualization it will go to the hour vizualization
  • When clicking a specific dataset point on the hour vizualization it will go to the minute vizualization

gift shows daily average of responsive metric, clicking on a dataset shows the next interval average


Necessary Tools

  • yarn v1
  • docker
  • node v14


  1. Clone the project
  2. Enter the directory cd metrics
  3. Execute yarn install
  4. Go to the api directory cd metrics/apps/api
  5. Create a .env files
    • copy the values of example.env
    • add password
    • modify as you like
  6. In the api dir open run docker-compose up -d this will run the docker image with the database on detachment mode
  7. Move back to the parent directoy cd ../../ and run yarn dev
  • client port default is localhost:3000
  • api port default is localhost:4000

Seed the database (Optional)

  • Conect with your favorite db manager and run this query to seed the db, modify it as you like

  -- modify generated interval with random minutes
  TIMESTAMP + random() * (
    timestamp '2017-12-31 00:00:30' - timestamp '2017-12-31 00:00:59'
      row_number() OVER () AS id,
      -- the name of the metric
      'responsive' as name,
      -- random value for the metric
      ROUND(random() * 100) as value,
    -- generate data from 03-01 until
    -- current date with one minute intervals
        '2022-03-01 00:00:00.00+00',
        INTERVAL '1 minute'
      ) as TIMESTAMP
  ) query_generator;

-- alter the sequence so it's nice with the orm
ALTER SEQUENCE metric_id_seq RESTART WITH  100000;


Turbo repo and yarn workspaces for monorepo managament


  • vite for bundling and dev server
  • typescript
  • vue3 as a web framework
  • storybook for rapid testing of components
  • tailwind as a css utility framework
  • chart.js to display the visualizations
  • vitest as a test runner
  • testing/library for component testing
  • cypress for e2e (not in use)
  • msw to mock server calls
  • prettier for code formating
  • axios for api call
  • date-fns, date-fns-tz as a time scale adapter for chart.js and some time utility functions
  • headless/ui for select and modal headless logic
  • vue-toastification to display status messages


  • nestjs as a backend framework with express.js and typeorm
  • postgress as a database
  • typescript
  • jest for testing
  • prettier
  • class-validator/transformer for dto pipe validation
  • hapi/joi for configuration schema

Considerations and Roadmap

  • move shared types to it’s own package inside the yarn workspace


  • make timeline-chart an async component for better bundler
  • need to decouple logic from metric-selector so we can refresh the data
  • add stories for all component
  • add unit testing for metric form state
  • add component testing for core components like the form and the timeline
  • add e2e testing and fixx msw calls


  • install a seeder so we have e2e tests with specific data


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