Tabler Icons as Vue components.



yarn add vue-tabler-icons

# or

npm i vue-tabler-icons


    // MyComponent.vue

    import { BoldIcon } from 'vue-tabler-icons';

    export default {
        components: { BoldIcon },

    <bold-icon />

Installation via CDN is not supported yet.

Naming pattern

Component names use the same names as defined in the original library with some rules applied:

  • they are in PascalCase
  • underscores before numbers are removed
  • Icon added to the end of the name

For example:

arrows-diagonal-2 will become ArrowsDiagonal2Icon.

Icon size

All components define size property that you can use to control the icon's size:

<bold-icon size="48" />

Will render 48x48 icon.

All other attributes are directly bound to the underlying SVG image.

Attributes height and width have higher precedence over size property.

Icon color

All icons use currentColor as their color. You can colorize your icons as you do that for text.

<bold-icon style="color: red" />
<bold-icon class="text-red" />

Building locally

Clone repo:

git clone

Install deps:
yarn install

Run build
yarn build

Icon component will be in icons directory.