iHateRegex ?

Features ?

  • Visual representation of regular expressions
  • Matched strings – the Testing area
  • Embed regular expression visualization on your sites
  • Regex code highlighting and validation
  • Regex description with markdown support
  • Playground page where you can create your own expression and link to it.
  • User login and save regex

Setup ?

  1. Install yarn

  2. Clone this repo

  3. Install dependencies ⚙️

$ yarn install
  1. Test on localhost ?

# serve with hot reload at localhost:3600
$ yarn dev
  1. Build and Start nuxt server ?

# build for production and launch server
$ yarn build
$ yarn start

This project is built with Nuxt.js ?

For detailed explanation on how things work, check out Nuxt.js docs.

Contribute Regex ?

Contribute to this project and make this the largest collection of useful expressions ?

You can also submit regex via this google form

To contribute:

  1. Add your regex to /static/regex/data.json
Show sample JSON

        "id": "username",
        "title": "username",
        "tagline": "match a username",
        "description": "Alphanumeric string that may include _ and - having a length of 3 to 16 characters.",
        "regex": "^[a-z0-9_-]{3,15}$",
        "flag": "gm",
        "matchText": [
            "john doe",
        "cheatRegex": [
        "embedHeight": 300,
        "tags" : ["name", "slug"]
Show JSON properties
Property Definition
id this is the slug and also the short name of the regex. cannot contain spaces and only contain url-safe characters
title Title of the page.
tagline Tagline
description First line under the tagline and also the meta description
regex The actual regex string
flag regex flags associated with the expression. eg; g
matchText Array(line by line) of strings to be included in the string matching are
cheatRegex refer static/regex/cheatsheet.json and see what all cheats are relevent to this expression. (you can also add your own cheats into cheatsheet.json and refer to that)
embedHeight Height in pixels of the regex visualization embed
tags tags related to the expression (to be used later)
  1. Create a markdown file in /static/regex/markdown/ named <regex-id>.md for longer description and explanation

    <regex-id> is the id from data.json

That’s it ? Go ahead and shoot a new pull request✨✨


There are 2 descriptions for each regex.

  • One is the description property inside /static/regex/data.json.

    • This is used for page meta description as well.
    • This is the first description
  • Second is a dedicated markdown file in /static/regex/markdown/<file>.md

    • This should explain how the expression works in detail.
    • This is the long description
Property Definition example
description property inside data.json This should explain about what the target match is in a few lines. It should not contain any html or markdown A username is a unique identifier given to accounts in websites and social media
dedicated markdown file Explain about the expression and how it works ip addresses are of the range – The expression matches the ….(more)


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