vuetify-dialog - vuetify dialog helper

Implementation of vuedl dialog helper with Vuetify.js framework

This module will help you to work with modal dialogs in your project


Install the package from npm

npm install vuetify-dialog
import VuetifyDialog from 'vuetify-dialog'
Vue.use(VuetifyDialog, {
  • context - the context of your application, such as store, axios, router etc.
  • property - the property, which will integrate to Vue. Default is $dialog

Simple confirm dialog

const res = await this.$dialog.confirm({
  text: 'Do you really want to exit?'
  title: 'Warning'

Warning dialog

const res = await this.$dialog.warning({
  text: 'Do you really want to exit?',
  title: 'Warning'

Error dialog

  text: 'Cannot delete this item',
  title: 'Error'

Prompt dialog

let res = await this.$dialog.prompt({
  text: 'Your name',
  title: 'Please input your name'


this.$dialog.message.warning('Warning message')
this.$dialog.message.error('Error message')
this.$'Info message')
this.$dialog.message.success('Success message')


To all this simple dialogs you can config your actions, just put to options

  actions: {
    'false': 'No',
    'true': 'Yes'
// result will be true, false, or undefigned
  actions: ['No', 'Yes']
// result will be 'No', 'Yes', or undefigned

You can also send full button options

  actions: [{
    text: 'Yes', color: 'blue', key: true