Instant File Sharing Apps powered by IPFS Networks. Build with Vue 3 and ViteJS.

InstaShare (Instant Share) is a simple web-based application that simply upload your files into IPSF Network using NFT Storage.


InstaShare build with Latest Web Technology that makes hopefully can access this app even in offline mode (cache-first). And the other cool thing is PWA (Progressive Web App) makes this app installable on Android devices, allow us to use this app to run native-like on an Android.

Tools Version Desc Website
Vue ^3.0.5 Web Framework
Vite ^2.3.7 Next Generation Frontend Tooling
Pinia ^2.0.0-beta.3 Intuitive, type safe and flexible Store for Vue
Vue-Router ^4.0.8 The official router for Vue.js.


$ npm install
# run dev server
$ npm run dev
# build 
$ npm run build