Component Fixture

Interactive test fixture for vue component.

Component is designed to receive any component you want to test as a default slot


  <!-- Use the default slot to create the component under test -->

  <!-- Use this slot to enable edition of props values, Editor is provided by this lib-->
  <Editor slot="control" slot-scope="scope" v-bind="scope"/>


Component-fixture will automatically:

  • Mirror all the props of the tested component
  • Bind this data to the component under-test
  • Display all the props in a form so that it is possible to edit them


  • Respect props type and use custom input for each type
  • Provide input for objects and function
  • Create v-model binding if needed
  • Custom props validation when available
  • Support component with slots
  • Compatible with hot-reload: automatic update on changes hapening on the tested component

Example using vue-slider-component:


Uses cases

Why would you need such a component?

ComponentFixture is intended to be used only in a test/dev context with two main applications.

Discovering third party component

  • Explore Interactively a component you are willing to use in your application.
  • Understand by example what the props role.
  • Quickly identify bugs and limitation on the component.

Testing a component you creates

  • Create an example usage of your component that will update automatically
  • Interact with the component while you create it.
  • Easily identify bugs

Next steps

  • [x] Provide a way to default component props
  • [ ] Monkey testing: use randomly generated updates on component props.

This will be provided on next major version.

Example usage

<component-fixture :defaults="{value: 23}">

  <!-- Use the default slot to create the component under test -->

  <!-- Use this slot to enable edition of props values -->
  <template v-slot:control="scope">
    <editor v-bind="scope"/>

import { ComponentFixture, Editor } from 'component-fixture'
import "component-fixture/dist/ComponentFixture.css"
import { componentUnderTest } from 'componentUnderTest'

export default {
  components: {



  • control slot for the form that will edit the props; editor is provided by this library and provide all the features.

  • default Slot for the component under test


  • defaults Object (optional)

    Object that will be set to default the component under-test props. For example if you want to default the props value with 46, just use: :defaults="{value: 46}"


npm install ComponentFixture

Project setup

npm install

Compiles and hot-reloads for development

npm run serve

Compiles and minifies for production

npm run build

Lints and fixes files

npm run lint

Run your unit tests

npm run test:unit

Update the API section of with generated documentation

npm run doc:build

Run style guide dev server

npm run styleguide

Generate a static HTML style guide

npm run styleguide:build