International Telephone Input with Vue.


Getting started

  • Install the plugin:

    npm install vue-tel-input
  • Add the plugin into your app:

    import Vue from 'vue'
    import VueTelInput from 'vue-tel-input'

    More info on installation

  • Use the vue-tel-input component:

      <vue-tel-input v-model="phone"></vue-tel-input>



  npm install vue-tel-input

Install the plugin into Vue:

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueTelInput from 'vue-tel-input'

Vue.use(VueTelInput, [globalOptions = {}]) // Define default global options here (optional)

View all available options in Props.

Or use the component directly:

<!-- your-component.vue-->
  <vue-tel-input v-model="value"></vue-tel-input>
import { VueTelInput } from 'vue-tel-input'

export default {
  components: {


Include vue-tel-input in the page.

<script src=""></script>

If Vue is detected in the Page, the plugin is installed automatically.

Manually install the plugin into Vue:


Or use the component directly:

Vue.component('vue-tel-input', VueTelInput.VueTelInput)

Use as a custom field of vue-form-generator

Check out the setup in CodeSandbox.

  • Add a component using vue-form-generator's abstractField mixin

      <!-- tel-input.vue -->
        <vue-tel-input v-model="value"></vue-tel-input>
      import { abstractField } from 'vue-form-generator';
      export default {
        name: 'TelephoneInput',
        mixins: [abstractField],
  • Register the new field as a global component

      import Vue from 'vue';
      import TelInput from '<path>/tel-input.vue';
      Vue.component('field-tel-input', TelInput);
  • Now it can be used as tel-input in schema of vue-form-generator

    var schema: {
      fields: [{
          type: "tel-input",
          label: "Awesome (tel input)",
          model: "telephone"

Read more on vue-form-generator's instruction page



Test all props on CodeSandbox.

Property Type Default value Description
autocomplete String 'on' Native input 'autocomplete' attribute
autofocus Boolean false Native input 'autofocus' attribute
defaultCountry String '' Default country, will override the country fetched from IP address of user
disabled Boolean false Disable input field
disabledFetchingCountry Boolean false Disable fetching current country based on IP address of user
dropdownOptions Object { disabledDialCode: false, tabindex: 0 } Options for dropdown, supporting disabledDialCode and tabindex
dynamicPlaceholder Boolean false Placeholder as a sample phone number in the current country, available from v3.1.1
enabledCountryCode Boolean false Enable country code in the input
enabledFlags Boolean true Enable flags in the input
ignoredCountries Array [] List of countries will NOT be shown on the dropdown. ie ['AU', 'BR']
inputClasses String | Array | Object '' Custom classes for the input
inputId String '' Custom 'id' for the input
inputOptions Object { showDialCode: false, tabindex: 0 } Options for input, supporting showDialCode (always show dial code in the input) and tabindex
maxLen Number 25 Native input 'maxlength' attribute
mode String '' Format number to 'international' (with + dial code) or 'national' (with 0...), available from v3.1.1
name String 'telephone' Native input 'name' attribute
onlyCountries Array [] List of countries will be shown on the dropdown. ie ['AU', 'BR']
placeholder String 'Enter a phone number' Placeholder for the input
preferredCountries Array [] Preferred countries list, will be on top of the dropdown. ie ['AU', 'BR']
required Boolean false Required property for HTML5 required attribute
validCharactersOnly Boolean false Only allow valid characters in a phone number (will also verify in mounted, so phone number with invalid characters will be shown as an empty string)
wrapperClasses String | Array | Object '' Custom classes for the wrapper
customValidate Boolean | RegExp false Custom validation RegExp for input, available from v4.1.0


Event Arguments Description Notes
input String, Object Fires when the input changes with the argument is the object includes { number, isValid, country } onInput deprecated
validate Object Fires when the correctness of the phone number changes (from true to false or vice-versa) and when the component is mounted { number, isValid, country } onValidate deprecated
blur Fires on blur event onBlur deprecated
space Fires on event onSpace deprecated
enter Fires on keyup.enter event onEnter deprecated
open Fires when the flags dropdown opens
close Fires when the flags dropdown closes
country-changed Object Fires when country changed (even for the first time) Available from v2.4.2


Slot Description Notes
arrow-icon Replace the arrow next to the flag with a component of your choice Available from v2.4.3

Typescript Support

If you work with typescript you will need declaration requirements.

npm install --save-dev @types/vue-tel-input