Nova Form Designer

A Laravel Nova 4 visual form designer. This tool lets create Nova form visually using drag an drop and produce json schema.



Same as most other Nova Packages

composer require eom-plus/nova-form-designer

Call to contributors and sponsors

All comments, ideas and PR’s are welcome. Hope that the Nova’s community can help into making this tool production ready.

Current status

It’s in very early development stage. Currently, the tool just shows how it’s possible to drag/drop components to create a form, but it still doesn’t allow saving or restore data. This part is quite trivial as just require some GET/POST data to Laravel api.

I think that the biggest part is into how to set field properties easily. Including set options label/values for fields like select, checkboxes, tags.

Before go ahead, it would be interesting to discuss design and features.


  • refactor base code
  • store/restore JSON data
  • handle form properties such validations, required, visible, placeholder, label
  • add layout management (rows, columns, header, footer).
  • append all Nova’s official fields
  • append more 3rd party fields
  • missing icons
  • localization (i18n)
  • remove Drag and Drop dependency from v-drag-drop lib


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