Libre Weather

  • Libre Weather is an open source weather pwa(progressive web app).
  • You can either use the publicly hosted instance on
    here or simply host your own instance.
  • Once you browse the app with your mobile phone you can just download it and
    have it behave like a normal app.


  1. Using the public instance:
  2. Hosting your own instance:
    • clone this repo onto your server git clone [email protected]:xddq/libre-weather.git
    • copy the example .env file and fill in the required fields. cp .env.example .env
    • take the example compose and just copy it over cp docker-compose.yml.example docker-compose.yml
    • spin up the container docker-compose up -d
    • browse your servers ip (lets say it has the ip and then
      browse to
    • done


  • If you have feedback/suggestions just create an issue.
  • If you want to design the frontend, I am happy to code your design. Again,
    just create an issue and we will get in touch.
  • There is a document called “PLAN” which states the features I will perhaps
    add. If you want to help with any of them, let me know. Again, can just create
    an issue.
  • Releases use semantic versioning


  • frontend framework: nuxt
  • language: typescript, vue
  • pwa: nuxt pwa module
  • charts: chartjs
  • proxy that allows using your own api key: express middleware hooked into nuxt
    connect instance.
  • i18n: added the i18n plugin for nuxt (currently only having english
  • linting: eslint
  • formatting: prettier
  • styling: tailwindcss
  • build/deploy: docker / docker-compose file


  • The weather data and the weather icons are provided by OpenWeatherMap, under the Creative Commons licence.
  • Meta image taken from: unsplash
  • App Icon made by Freepik from FlatIcon


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