News Portal Using New York Times API


Technologies Used

  • VueJS
  • Typescript
  • CSS
  • Cypress (via @vue/cli-plugin-e2e-cypress)
  • Jest (via @vue/cli-plugin-unit-jest)

How to run the project

  • Open a terminal on the root of the project
  • Run yarn (or npm i if you are using npm) to install its dependencies
  • Run yarn serve (or npm run serve) to boot up the project on port 8080
  • Open up the following on any browser of your choice


How to test the project

  • Unit

    • At the root of the project run yarn test:unit (or npm run test:unit)
    • (Option) You can also run the tests in watch mode with yarn test:unitw (or npm run test:unitw)
  • End to End

    • At the root of the project run yarn test:e2e (or npm run test:e2e)
    • You will see Cypress GUI with 1 called ‘test suit’, click on it
    • A new Google Chrome instance will open
    • Now you can click on the test you want to run


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