forthebadge forthebadge

forthebadge forthebadge forthebadge

Video show-off

(btw 2080 TI 8bit it’s my pc)

What it does

For now it shows all the text-based clients connected to the horde and shows most of the information contained in the API. I left out some stuff that i thought was useless. I’ll probalbly add more things and change some stuff, like showing the kudos better or colorizing all the properties, that’s for 1.0.

image-based workers are coming soon. I need to refactor some stuff before i can do it.

Why i made this

I was messing around with kobold AI and I wanted to share my GPU with the horde, I wanted to see if the changes I made in the UI were updating for everyone else. I got tired of staring at plain json from the API URL, so i started making a small app, then I went a little overboard with the UI…

More stuff

This app was coded to Dief by C418, you should check it out if you like chill music!


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